Escambia County School District

Escambia County School District

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Closed Solicitations

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Diesel Fuel Additive RFB-03 04 03 08/20/2002
Annual Agreement for Bus Seat Covers & Foam RFB-030602 08/20/2002
Portable Air Cooling Fans RFB-030502 08/20/2002
Office and Print Shop Paper RFB-030102 07/30/2002
eAgenda Meeting Solution RFI-eAgenda 07/26/2002
3/4 Ton Pickup Truck RFB-025203 07/23/2002
Fire Alarm Inspection & Maintenance RFB-025102 07/23/2002
Custodial Supplies RFB-025002 07/16/2002
Data Processing Paper RFB-024802 06/11/2002
Collator RFB-024902 06/04/2002
Paper Products for Food Services RFB-024703 05/30/2002
Food Service Cleaning Supplies RFB-024403 05/21/2002
Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Agreement RFB-024302 05/14/2002
Flexible Spending Account Administration RFP-024101 05/07/2002
General Food for School Cafeterias RFB-023803 04/30/2002
Art Paper RFB-023904 04/30/2002
First Aid Supplies RFB-024004 04/30/2002
Courier Services RFP-022701 04/24/2002
Heavy Kitchen Equipment RFB-023703 04/23/2002
Employee Benefits Consulting Services RFP-022601 04/16/2002
Natural Flavored Beverages and Dairy Products RFB-023203 04/16/2002
A La Carte Food Items RFB-023303 04/16/2002
Crackers and Chips RFB-023403 04/16/2002
Baked Goods RFB-023503 04/16/2002
Fresh Eggs RFB-023603 04/16/2002

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