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Closed Solicitations

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Pay-for-Print Kiosk Solutions for Student Printing ITN-16-10BP 07/19/2017
Direct Marketing for Application Generation and Student Search RFP-16RFPT-06AW 04/05/2017
16ITBT-04AW Janitorial Supplies ITB-16ITBT-04AW 01/25/2017
Water Treatment Services RFP-16RFPT-05BP 12/20/2016
Employee Assistance Program RFP-14-09-EE 01/05/2016
Sign Language Interpreting Services ITB-15-04BP 11/03/2015
Custodial Services RFP- 15RFPT-03AW 10/13/2015
Sign Language Interpreting Services ITB-15-01BP 08/10/2015
Integrated Pest Management Service ITB- 14ITBT-07AW 06/02/2015
Tolley App RFQ-RFQ#03192014-EE 04/22/2014
Undergraduate & Graduate Admissions Recruitment Marketing Material RFP-13-09-BP 03/31/2014
Printing of The Voyager ITB-13-01-EE 08/19/2013
Bldg 10 Suites 102, 103, 104 Renovation to Offices ITB-12-01-JJ 09/25/2012
RFP Assessment and Planning Software RFP-11-08-EE 09/04/2012
Bldg 22 Hazardous Mitigation Grant Project ITB-11-14-JJ 08/23/2012
Bldg 93/94 Police Relocation ITB-11-11-JJ 05/01/2012
Content Management System RFP-11-12-EE 04/18/2012
Investment Consulting Services RFP-11-07-EE 03/28/2012
Recruit Tram Route Landscape Improvement RFQ-11-09-JJ 02/10/2012
Bldg 76A New College of Business Education Center - A/V Systems ITB-11-06-11 12/19/2011
Grounds Maintenance Services RFP-11-05-JJ 12/09/2011
Waste Management Services ITB-11-03-JJ 12/08/2011
Custodial Services - Health & Wellness Healthcare Facility RFP-11-02-JJ 10/12/2011
Water Treatment Services RFP-11-01-JJ 09/13/2011
Printing Services/University Business Cards and Stationery ITB-10-18-EE 06/15/2011

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